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Our Story

Atlas Sustainable Wealth grew out of a desire to create a community of people that care about the journey, not just the destination. We are a company, and the origin of that word comes from the French term compagnie, meaning society, friendship, and intimacy.

Atlas has many meanings to us. It connects well with travel and navigating the globe. It connects to our shared history with Atlas, the mythical Greek Titan, condemned to hold up the heavens for eternity. Today, we have a vision of Atlas helping to hold the World up to our highest values of Truth and Integrity.

The values that formed the foundation for Atlas Sustainable Wealth back in 2011/2012 when it was just an idea, were the same when we formed our compagnie in May of 2019, and are still the same today.

We are a growing community that cares about everything we come into contact with. People, Place, Planet, and everything in between. We hope you choose to join us.

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