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What is Sustainability?


Sustainability is a process of creating a virtuous cycle to consistently create as much, or more than we consume. For our finances, we develop a plan to create more income than we spend. This is Sustainable Planning.


There are two necessary pieces to make a Sustainable Plan reality. Investing in ourselves and in other people who employ sustainable business practices. This is Sustainable Investing.


Investing in Ourselves

Investing in ourselves develops habits that create a foundation to enable us to create more than we consume. This investment impacts our ability to generate income, how we spend our money, and the amount of wealth we can create.


Investing in Others

Investing in others amplifies the wealth we can create. Companies are groups of people tied together by a common purpose. The strength of their connections and commitment to their purpose determines how successful they are. Sustainable Companies are committed to creating stronger connections while incentivizing deeper commitments among their stakeholders, resulting in greater success and more wealth creation. Investing in others is investing in Sustainable Companies.


Sustainable Companies

  1. Considerate of all their stakeholders. This includes employees, clients, suppliers, communities they operate in, shareholders, and the environment

  2. Provide products and/or services at a reasonable price that benefit their customers and do not cause lasting harm to any of their stakeholders

  3. Can conceivably continue doing what they are doing (including their ability to evolve over time), indefinitely

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