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Planning and Investing for a Sustainable Future

I’m excited to announce my new venture, Atlas Sustainable Wealth. After much reflection on my career so far and careful planning, I decided to start my own investment advisory and financial planning business.

The most important aspect of investing and planning for me has always been to align my interests, goals, and success with my clients. Launching Atlas and working for myself allows me the flexibility to work with clients who share the same values. It also ensures that every client I take on will be one with whom I develop a meaningful relationship. Often client interests are neglected as firms take on more clients than they are capable of servicing, or worse, take on clients whose interests do not align with the goals of the firm. This will not be the case at Atlas. I am working with friends, family, and members of my community; sharing my time and talents with those who matter most to me. The foundation of my firm will be the relationships with my clients, and those relationships are partnerships.

My focus is on an area that I strongly believe in - socially responsible investing. Helping to align each person’s unique values with the investments that will provide for the life they want to live and the impact they want to have on the world. Creating a balance that is sustainable for the long-term.

I invite you to visit my website for an overview of the services I provide at If you would like to learn more about partnering with me on investments and/or financial planning, I can be reached at (410) 900-0005 or

All the best,

Mark Donnelly, CFA, CFP®

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