Our Investments

These are "Our Investments" because the majority of investments I research and invest in on behalf of clients I also own myself. This helps to accomplish the primary goal of aligning our interests.

My investment process is simple and easy to understand. I focus on individual stocks, individual bonds, and individual private investments. This is the only way to keep an investment process simple, easy to understand, and directly target the investments most closely aligned with your personal values. A side effect of this focus is that there will be no or minimal investments in Mutual Funds or Exchange Traded Funds. This provides additional benefits by minimizing investment expenses and increasing tax efficiency through minimizing capital gains.

* For clients that are not comfortable investing in individual investments, mutual funds and ETFs will be used.

All investments are researched extensively and short, concise research pieces on each investment are available to all clients. Without using industry jargon each research piece explains:

1) What the investment is

2) Why it is a good investment

3) Why it is likely to continue to be a good investment

4) Why we can buy the investment at an attractive price

5) What the risks to our assumptions are, and why it may end up being a poor investment 

6) What would cause us to sell it?

Current Investments

Select examples of current holdings and potential future holdings: