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Planning and Investing for a Sustainable future

Atlas Sustainable Wealth

We are a Financial Planning and Investment Advisory firm, and we are passionate about Sustainability. We serve family, friends, and members of our community. We help our clients plan and invest to reflect their own unique values.

We can help you plan your financial life to achieve a sustainable balance, enabling you to focus your time, energy, and money on what's most important to you. See our "Financial Planning" section for an overview.

Sustainable companies are considerate of all stakeholders (Owners/Investors, Employees, Community, and Environment), helping to create better outcomes for everyone. Many companies have been doing this for decades with no/minimal recognition. It's our job to find them. Take a look at our "Investments" section for some of our most recent investments.


It is possible to make money and feel good about how your money works for you. It's also likely Sustainable Investing will create higher investor returns for us over the long-term.


Connect with us using the contact information below to learn more.

Contact Details & Advisor Information

For any inquiries, please call or email:

410-900-0005   |

Business Address

6695 Loch Hill Road

Baltimore, MD 21239

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